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Hamilton School District

Employees in region:
HQ location:
Sussex, WI

Top Workplace
’12, ’13

About Hamilton School District

Providing high quality education which meets the needs of each student is our utmost priority. The district carefully monitors and attends to academic and financial benchmarks to determine competitiveness, efficiencies and monitor progress and communicates the information transparently with our constituency. The district's commitment as stewards of resources has resulted in wise use of tax dollars, prioritization of limited resources and optimization of programming.

What employees say

“Great sense of purpose, transparency, and team work. People are treated with respect and fairness.”
“I am able to think outside the box and try new things.”
“I am respected as a professional and trusted that I will do what is best for the students in the district.”
“They do a great job at keeping a school district as No 1. in the area.”
“I get to help children grow, achieve, and believe in themselves.”
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