About Pewaukee School District

We are a Wisconsin public school district located in Waukesha County where over 325 employees put our Mission in action by serving over 2900 students in grades K-12. Our terrific employees make our Mission come alive - we believe in opening the door to each child's future, and we do that with a keen emphasis on college and career readiness and 21st century skills. Our unique campus setting with all four schools on one plot of land allows us to more efficiently create a sense of community while also sharing resources and staff. Our graduation rate for students is 99%.Pewaukee School District is noted for innovation.

Our employees have been using computers to enhance instruction for many years. For seven years, our Teaching & Learning strategic plan initiative puts computers in the hands of all students in grades 5-12 so they can use technology to enhance learning. We want students to learn about, with and through technology. We also have a focus on personalized learning, meeting each student where they are at and taking them to the next level in a "non one size fits all" environment. With this focus, we have seen increasing student achievement, most noted by our ACT and Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).

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What employees say

“I am able to be innovative and am supported in my efforts.”
“I can make a difference everyday in the lives of my students.”
“I work with great people.”
“The people that I work with and their commitment to educating our students.”
“I think it is motivating to work with people who are so dedicated to educating children. ”
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