About BizLab

BizLab exists to be leaders in business and life. So, let's talk about the "business" part of our purpose. Some have labeled us as an internet holding company or incubator. Our business is starting or acquiring small internet-based businesses and then growing them. But we don't just grab wildly at any opportunity that comes our way. We decided years ago to only manage small businesses that are ethically and morally sound. Businesses that we feel add clear value to our community and society. Some of our businesses were developed internally.

Others were developed as side projects by team members who, by themselves, didn't have the time, money or man power to bring them to their full potential. We're open to starting socially responsible businesses, regardless of how the opportunity presents itself. We currently have 4 businesses: Sterling, which is an independent retailer for clients who sell Television, Phone, and Internet services; Rocket Clicks, which is our online advertising agency; Be Your Own IT, which is an online business that sells education programs for computer repair; and Godsell and Hughes, which a financial management firm.

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What employees say

“My manager listens, encourages, and challenges all at the same time. It is a really nice way to work.”
“It gives me the opportunity to learn and grow with others.”
“The family atmosphere, and the positive energy.”
“Awesome people throughout the company!”
“Growth of new objectives and cross functional teams.”
“Provides autonomy to do what the team feels is best.”
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