About Paragon Development Systems, Inc.

We architect, supply, implement and manage IT. - So, can a person really architect, as a verb? Sure, we plan, design, conceptualize and strategically prepare our clients for growth by leveraging their IT infrastructure. - We supply by providing a continuous operational focus on the supply-chain, acquisition and logistics of IT. - We implement by delivering the services continuously and according to plan. We constantly measure the progress to support the business case and strategy. - We manage. Our approach to proactive management and support of your infrastructure is delivered through 24/7/365 monitoring of your environment, simply so you don't have to.

At PDS, the approach and methodologies used to provide IT solutions to our customers stem as a result of our core competencies to provide an always on, always agile and secure IT infrastructure.

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What employees say

“It is, without question, the best job I have ever held in my career.”
“The work atmosphere is excellent. A lot of freedom as long as you get your job done.”
“To know that the company truly appreciates what we do as individuals.”
“I value that you are able to move where ever you'd like in the company. You always have a chance to do what you want.”
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