About RedPrairie Corporation

RedPrairie delivers productivity solutions to help companies around the world in three categories – workforce, inventory and transportation. RedPrairie provides these solutions to manufacturers, distributors and retailers looking to support business strategies that increase revenue, reduce costs and create competitive advantage. With over 20 global offices and solutions that are installed at more than 34,000 customer sites in over 40 countries, companies trust RedPrairie workforce, inventory and transportation solutions to deliver an increase in productivity – with the flexibility to adapt as business needs change.

At RedPrairie, we understand today's operational demands and we're committed to delivering solutions that work. We're committed to delivering solutions for the real world.

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What employees say

“It feels like a team atmosphere and I feel I am needed the same as the next team member. ”
“Ability to listen to and respect other employees. Also, their ability to teach the new material to newer employees.”
“My manager is very flexible and understanding if I have to take care of something in my personal life. My manager does not pressure me and make me feel overwhelmed.”
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